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3 Important Components to the Bond Process

The bond process for a School Board and/or Leadership can be a complicated and daunting task with a lot of variables. However, there are certain steps, that when followed, can make the process go more smoothly. In this short blog, we are going to provide 3 major tasks that should be done in the preliminary process.

Needs Assessment

The first and initial step should be to create a comprehensive needs assessment across the entire district. This should include everything from deferred maintenance, student capacity, technology, flooring, renovations, updates, and more. Once analyzed, all the information should be compiled and translated into a comprehensive and detailed report highlighting both needs, wants, and future goals. This is utilized as a tool to help make decisions in the next and upcoming steps and the base line for a strategic plan.

Planning and Budgeting

Utilizing the needs assessment report, all the data and information is translated into a district wide Master and Strategic Plan. This incorporates both immediate needs with long-term goals that should be accomplished over the next 5 to 10 Years (based on District goals). As those documents are developed, Schematics (Preliminary Architectural Concept Plans) will be created for community presentation and budgeting. Additionally, the overarching goals should be clearly outlined beyond design. This allows School Leadership to effectively make decisions in relation to the bond process while starting the promotions of their district improvements.

Public Relations + Marketing

Once a Plan is developed, with an accurate budget, the Leadership, Board, and/or hired consultant can begin to actively engage the community in the decision making process. The goal should be to provide full transparency along with factual data highlighting the need with tax payers' interests in mind. This can be accomplished through various interviews, public conferences, engaging public figures, signs, social media, flyers and more.

There are other components to the Bond Process but the 3 elements above are crucial in the process.

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