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3 Reasons Bonds Fail

Updated: Jun 17

Bonds can be a difficult process with multiple moving pieces, from determining what should be included, how the public should be involved or approached, and how it could impact the community. But they are a necessary means for schools to be able increase their effectiveness to educate students. This includes new technology, buses, updating facilities, or building new campuses. In our experience, we have seen bonds fail and bonds pass but there have been some commonalities for districts that struggle for approval.

Here are 3 reasons your Bond could fail:

1. Residents do NOT trust the Board or Administration

This one can be complicated because it is not an overnight process to gain trust. It is slowly evolved overtime by the District and Community. If the Board or Administration are only seen when a bond arrives or through certain issues, it will surely fail. This Leadership should be actively engaged with the community throughout the year because positive relationships will go a very long way.

NOTE: Make yourself visible. Go to community events, churches, associations, and make a presence online through social media.

2. The Plan was developed behind closed doors and with “Yes People”

Develop a broad group of people to discuss the potential projects and ways to improve the District. Involve the community early on to help give them ownership of the project and how it could benefit the community. It is important to remember that Transparency is key and only utilizing those that agree with your premise ensures harsh push back later on.

NOTE: Don’t just involve people, truly listen to their input and adjust your plan to incorporate their feedback.

3. Public Questions are NOT answered

Throughout the entire process the Public will have several questions. It is crucial to not skirt around them but address the concerns head-on. Remember transparency is important and inquires left unaddressed creates an appearance of ambiguousness and elusiveness.

NOTE: If you don’t answer their questions, it will leave people to their own imagination or seek answers from those that will give it. We don’t want those opposing to create narratives that are not true but believable because the issues were not addressed.

How We Help!

We work with Districts early on and partner with them throughout the entire process. We assist Leadership from initial conceptual plan through a needs assessment, engaging a group of people to discuss the project, all the way through the YES Vote. Our approaches allow the Leadership to be visible while focusing on education while allowing us to handle the details of the bond.

We would love to learn more about your District, School and needs. Contact for us FREE initial consult.

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