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Leadership Needs Assessment

In an effort to help support Public Schools we are waiving our Fee for Leadership Needs Assessments.

Every District and Campus has a unique culture which is a crucial component of education. However, that culture is often not considered when making leadership and staffing decisions. It sets a tone more powerful and impactful to students than tests, curriculum, and/or buzzwords stated and posted around the school. This culture is set and established by the Leaders (Board, Administrators, Principals, and Teachers). How are we cultivating our Leaders to be effective in our district to guide students to be successful? Our Leadership Assessment can help determine various needs and develop a comprehensive plan to for District Leaders.

OUR TEAM has the questions. YOU have the answers. WE work together to formulate a plan.

Included in a Leadership Needs Assessment is:

- On Site discussion on current Leadership Development efforts and Organizational Culture

- 3-5-page Report. Topics Include:

Current Efforts

Opportunities for Improvement

Analysis of Training

Next Steps

- Follow-Up Meeting with Board or District Leaders (Phone or Video Conference)

We would love to discuss the Districts current efforts in developing Leaders across each campus. Our highly qualified team of current and previous School Board members would love to partner with your School.

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