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Our School Campus Matters

Our school building is more than a space for students to gather and education to occur. In fact our buildings, facilities, and environment are all contributors to the learning process and a tool that allows us to be effective. But what are some of the specific physical factors, in relation to our facilities, that can affect our ability to

educate and the student’s ability to learn?

Here is a comprehensive list along with additional insights.

Age of Facilities

  • Students tend to have higher achievement scores in newer facilities

  • There are typically fewer disciplinary incidents in newer facilities

  • Attendance records were better in the new facilities

  • Social climate factors perceived by students were considerably more favorable in a new school.

Condition of facilities

  • As the condition of the facility improved, achievement scores improved

  • Higher student achievement was associated with well-maintained schools.

  • Thermal factors

  • Eight of nine studies found a significant relationship between the thermal environment of a classroom and student achievement and behavior

  • There was a consistent pattern of higher achievement in air-conditioned schools

  • Achievement was greater in facilities that allowed for individual preferences for heat

  • Excessive temperatures caused stress in students


  • There seemed to be a cause-effect relationship between the variables of color and light and students’ blood pressures

  • Light in the classroom seemed to have a positive effect on attendance rates

  • Studies over many years have associated better lighting with increased productivity in industrial settings

  • Light had a positive effect on achievement

  • Daylight in the classroom seemed to foster higher achievement

Our Building is a Tool that allows us to be Effective

Color of the Indoor Facilities

  • There seemed to be a cause-effect relationship between the variables of color and light and students’ blood pressures

  • Relaxing shades of blue significantly reduce systolic diastolic blood pressure

  • Studies in industrial settings have unequivocally identified certain colors as contributing to increased productivity by workers

  • There appeared to be higher school spirit and enthusiasm with schools that incorporated school colors and themes

External Noise

  • Higher student achievement was associated with schools with less external noise

  • Outside noise caused students to be dissatisfied with their classrooms

  • Excessive noise caused stress in students.

Air Quality

  • Poor air quality causes:

  • Respiratory infections

  • Aggravates allergies

  • Drowsiness

  • Shorter attention spans

  • When students do not feel well when they are in school, or miss school due to air quality problems, learning is adversely affected.

Ultimately, this outline of factors should help leadership conclude that our facilities MATTER.

So, how does your facility measure up when walking through the bulleted items provided and where do you go from here? If your answer is unsure and/or not good, we would love to help. We offer a FREE no obligation consultation to meet with the School Board and Leadership to discuss a strategy to address these issues. In fact, we partner with schools from initial assessment to bond procurement and through the construction phase. Our goal is to help develop a plan of action, lead you through a YES on the bond election, and assist in managing a successful construction project.

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