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Public Schools- The Condition of our Facilities affects Learning?

Abraham Maslow is a renowned psychologist that has provided significant insight to this field of study. He is probably most widely known for his hierarchy of needs spanning from physiological to self-actualization. Through all of his research, he conducted some experiments that are directly relatable to our school and campus. During one of his studies he placed people in three different rooms to analyze their behavior and productivity doing a task. One room was ugly (disorganized, cluttered, stains), the second was neutral (overall plain, empty), and the other was beautiful (well organized, maintained, comfortable). One of the most interesting outcomes was that the individuals in the ugly room performed in measurable and different ways than the others and had feelings of discontent, fatigue, and a desire to escape.

Our Facilities MATTER. It is important to be intentional + proactive concerning our campus environment.

Then from other research in relation to Maslow’s found that environments have a direct positive and negative effect on:

  • Teacher morale

  • A sense of personal safety

  • Feelings of effectiveness in the classroom on the general learning environment

  • Students assumed authority figures in poorly maintained buildings accepted/expected lower standards

  • Those in poorly maintained buildings affected the child’s perspective of their own self-worth

Schools work hard to create a culture of excellence, make sure our facilities reflect that.

Our facilities have a significant impact on our ability to educate students. In fact, it affects the overall learning environment, student’s perspectives, and teacher’s effectiveness. Be sure to be intentional on how your facility looks and functions.


We partner with Public Schools providing initial facility assessments to consulting through construction.

Our Desire: Leading Public Schools through the bond process to get a YES while prioritizing taxpayers’ dollars, district need, and public perception.

If you are considering navigating these waters, let us help you start off on the right foot with a FREE NO Obligation initial consult.

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