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Returning to in-person education

We are only about 1 month away from the beginning of the 2020 - 2021 school year in most places. The CDC has issued guidelines for safely re-opening schools. Most states, including our own home state of Texas, are making decisions about schools re-opening for in-person instruction in the Fall. The Texas Education Agency has ordered that all schools must offer in-person AND online learning options. Parents are allowed to choose the method with which they are most comfortable for their child. Some districts were already planning for this eventuality. For others, the mandate to offer in-person instruction brings much concern and anxiety.

- How can we allow for social distancing in our schools?

- How can we meet the mask / hand sanitizing / facility sanitizing requirements?

- How can we manage traffic flow in our buildings to accommodate limited interactions?

- How can we maintain safety protocols in our cafeteria / gymnasium / PE spaces / library / fine arts rooms / auditorium / LGI / CTE classrooms / athletic facilities / clinic?

- What about our motor lab / computer lab / Special Education spaces?

- Do they really expect us to abandon the research-based teaching methods we have worked so hard to incorporate and go back to students just sitting in individual desks, facing front, with plexi-glass partitions around the desks?

- What about small group instruction?

- What about reading partners?

- What about poster math?

No doubt your team or PLC or administration or Curriculum and Instruction Department will have some difficult decisions to make about instruction delivery. But, there are many steps you can take to make your facilities ready for in-person instruction within the guidelines set by your state education agency and the CDC.

If you are not yet aware of your state requirements, you can find a link to your state education agency here.

The CDC "Considerations for Schools" can be found here.

Our expert staff of experienced architects, design professionals, and public school trustees can help you navigate these difficult times and prepare your facility for mandated in-person instruction. We are here to serve you, your students, and your faculty and staff.

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